Thursday, March 1, 2012

Six Months Old

Oh my cuteness!! This precious little angel is six months old already...time flies! 
Little bit weighed in at 14lbs 5 oz. and is 25 1/4 inches long. At her 6 month check-up Hadley had to get her heel pricked...brave girl didn't even flinch. She just looked at the nurse and watched her stick her and squeeze on her foot. I was shocked! I seem to remember her big brother being quite dramatic getting pricked, ha! She did have to have 5 vaccines, 1 oral (which she had no problem sucking right down), and 4 shots in the leg. There were some tears shed during those, of course, but thankfully she got over it pretty quickly.

Hadley is growing and changing so so fast. Her laugh is just the sweetest sound and I love hearing it each and every day. She loves her big brother so much and he can make her cackle. I think he loves making her laugh as much as she enjoys watching him sing and dance and cut up. Hadley is sitting up on her own. She still topples over occasionally but for the most part is sitting completely on her own. She is reaching and grabbing for everything and she wants to crawl so badly! She gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth, but she hasn't quite been able to figure out how to get her legs and arms to work together yet. She does scoot around on her belly and roll around to get where she wants to go though, so I'm sure she'll get it before too long. She is also eating like a champ! In addition to milk, she's eating cereal and is on stage 2 baby food. She is a Puff maniac and loves those Baby Mum-Mums too! If she had some teeth, I'm fairly confident she'd eat anything we put in front of her! 

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