Thursday, March 1, 2012

Six Months Old

Oh my cuteness!! This precious little angel is six months old already...time flies! 
Little bit weighed in at 14lbs 5 oz. and is 25 1/4 inches long. At her 6 month check-up Hadley had to get her heel pricked...brave girl didn't even flinch. She just looked at the nurse and watched her stick her and squeeze on her foot. I was shocked! I seem to remember her big brother being quite dramatic getting pricked, ha! She did have to have 5 vaccines, 1 oral (which she had no problem sucking right down), and 4 shots in the leg. There were some tears shed during those, of course, but thankfully she got over it pretty quickly.

Hadley is growing and changing so so fast. Her laugh is just the sweetest sound and I love hearing it each and every day. She loves her big brother so much and he can make her cackle. I think he loves making her laugh as much as she enjoys watching him sing and dance and cut up. Hadley is sitting up on her own. She still topples over occasionally but for the most part is sitting completely on her own. She is reaching and grabbing for everything and she wants to crawl so badly! She gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth, but she hasn't quite been able to figure out how to get her legs and arms to work together yet. She does scoot around on her belly and roll around to get where she wants to go though, so I'm sure she'll get it before too long. She is also eating like a champ! In addition to milk, she's eating cereal and is on stage 2 baby food. She is a Puff maniac and loves those Baby Mum-Mums too! If she had some teeth, I'm fairly confident she'd eat anything we put in front of her! 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Five Months!

Could this be the cutest baby girl?
I may be biased, but I sure think so! Those chubby cheeks and big baby blues and beautiful eyelashes get me every time. We are going to have to learn to say no to her before she learns to talk or we are done, ha! I am still loving spending my days with my babies and am so glad that I have had the chance to do so this year. Maddox was around this age when I had to go back to work and it just broke my heart to not get to spend as much time with him especially since this is the age where they really start to become so much fun! Hadley has just started eating rice cereal and has taken to it fairly quickly. She seems to like it much more than I remember Maddox liking it. We will be starting with baby food in the next few weeks so I am sure if she likes the plain old cereal that she will love the taste of her fruits and veggies. She still loves to roll over and loves playing with her toys and babbles constantly. She still loves her big brother too and he just adores her. Hopefully that will be a lasting love!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

We'll Miss You Mimi...

Blake's sweet grandmother passed away on Tuesday night. She fought hard and thankfully we know she isn't in pain anymore.

We are so glad that she was able to come see us Christmas morning this year. Maddox had so much fun showing her all of his loot from Santa.

We love and miss you, Mimi!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Four Months Old!

Look who's 4 months old already! 
Hadley is getting bigger and more active every day. She is currently 13lbs, 9 oz and is 24 3/4 in. long (although I think the nurse might have been a little bit generous on that one, ha). Hadley loves playing in her exersaucer, although only for short periods of time. She still loves being held and talked to. Basically she would just like you to pay attention to her at all times. :) She just started rolling over for the first time when we were in Mobile for Christmas and once she started, she hasn't seemed to stop. She loves being on her belly! Love this precious angel!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Three Months Old!

"Baby Sweet Girl" as Maddox likes to call her is 3 months old! Maddox is still just as smitten with her as ever. He just loves holding her and "nuggling" her every chance he gets. Since there is not a 3 month well-baby visit, I'm not sure of her exact weight, but I'd guess it's somewhere in the 12lb range. She loves to smile and laugh and we all love making her do it too. She is still a good eater and has become much better about sleeping through the night. She is probably sleeping around 8-9 hours at a time most nights so I can't complain too much. If I remember correctly, she does seem to be a bit fussier and a little more high maintenance of a baby than her brother did, but that is probably to be expected for little girls so I should probably just get used to it, ha! 
And since her 3 month mark falls right around Thanksgiving I think it's important to mention how thankful we are for both of our sweet blessings from above. We are beyond blessed with the most amazing children and could not love them any more!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Two Months Old!

I can't believe our sweet baby girl is already two months old! At her two month check-up she weighed in at 10 pounds 15 ounces and was 21 1/2 inches long. "She's not the tallest one" according to Dr. Harmon so maybe she will be our little bit. We are working on getting on a better schedule, but right now she is pretty much on whatever schedule her big brother is on being dragged here and there. She is starting to smile more and more and that sweet smile makes my day. Maddox still loves her to pieces and is always looking out for her and wanting to hold her and "nuggle" (snuggle) her. I've said it before and I'll say it each and every day...we are so so blessed!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Storm Damage

As if life with a newborn wasn't crazy enough, it got a whole lot crazier labor day weekend. That Monday night, the power went out around 7:30 or so. Fortunately, Maddox had already gone to bed because he hadn't had a nap that day and he was exhausted. Shortly after the power went out, we heard a really loud crashing sound and immediately knew something bad had to have happened. After looking around in the dark, we found the culprit....a huge tree from behind our house had fallen on the side of the house and my car. We were very fortunate that the bulk of the tree fell between the car and the house because it could have been a lot worse than it was. We did have a little shingle damage, bent gutters, smashed fence in two places, and a fair amount of damage to my car and a little to Blake's as well, but we were very grateful that the tree fell where it did....a little further to the right or left and we'd have had a lot more damage on our hands. Our power was out for several days, so rather than trying to entertain a 2 year old and a take care of a newborn in a very hot house, we took over (baby stuff tends to do that) RaRa and Poppy's house for a few days. So glad we had someplace to go and family willing to take us in!
And after several visits from the insurance adjustors, the tree removal company, gutter repairmen, roofers, etc., and after a week with Blake's car in the shop and six weeks with mine in the shop, things finally seem to be getting back in order around here.
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